Homework- The mysterious and killing woods by Katie-May

May 24th, 2015

It was dark and it was late, I was in the deepest, darkest, spookiest, most dangerous woods in the whole of the world. I was looking for a mysterious creature that was making a ruckus. It all started like this…

 photo Dark-Forest-3prplpeg.gif

It was eleven o’clock at night and I was enjoying my beauty sleep in my comfy bed with all my teddies. All of a sudden, a horrendous noise was screeching very loud and was coming from every direction. I wondered what it could be so I jumped out of bed and tip-toed downstairs to the front door and began to turn the handle slowly and quietly… RRRRRROOOOOOOOOOAAAAAAAAAAARRRRRRRRR!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

I fell backwards in the site of the sound. BOOM! THUD! THUD! THUD! What was making that noise? What was out in the streets? As the door clicked open, I silently opened the door gradually until I could just see out of it.



I thought it was a fox because I saw a fox’s tail and ears. Then there was wings it looked like dragon wings.  


Then appeared an elephant’s tusks and cheetah’s legs all joined together just like a crossed breed.


Then all at once it magically just disappeared in a smoke bomb. I layed on the ground shivering and wondering. What was that monster and what was it doing in our city?

To be continued . . . . . . .  

The Forest

May 24th, 2015

I could feel the rough bark of the atrocious rowan trees grating against my back. I had an ominous feeling that I was being watched… The lofty trees dominated me; its presence made me feel powerless.  The branches, with its bony, claw-like fingers pulled me back as I tried to travelled through the forest. My heart pounded like a stampede of wild horses; fear-induced adrenaline pulsed through my veins. Crunch. Crunch. Crunch. The sound of fallen leaves being crushed by my feet shattered the deafening silence. Jet black mist swirled like a formless matter, shrouding me. It felt like a tornado was slowly brewing… Without warning, a blinding bolt of lightning clashed to the ground, causing a vociferous BANG! It missed me by a millimeter. A storm…! Abruptly, rain lashed down heavily onto my skin; the impact of it felt like sharp stones. Beads of sweat trickled down my forehead and I could only taste fear. Violent gusts of wind caused a whirlwind of leaves to fly furiously like a swarm of killer bees; the trees were bent over like an ancient, wicked wizard. Darkness consumed the gloomy, threatening forest. Every step I made, I felt more dubious.

The Redwood Ranger (Homework) by Owen

May 24th, 2015

Thom crept soundlessly through the ominous forest, searching for signs of life. The full moon pierced through the darkness like a knight’s lance. With Caution, he gripped a tree and started to climb it. Like giants, the trees stood and faced the moon. Blanketing the mud, pine needles spread across the landscape and the rough bark met with his fingers. As a shooting star raced through the sky, a tiny glimmer of heaven flashed in the stars. The crisp smell of the winter night air wafted past his nostrils. Whoosh! A gust of wind took flight and whistled past him. Something caught his eye; a small ranger station. Inside was a dusty skeleton and on his badge it said: The Redwood Ranger.

The Wood (homework)

May 24th, 2015

As I walked through the forest, silence lingered. An icy, strong wind frosted my face and fingers. Trees swayed in the air like crazed zombies and an ominous feeling stayed in my stomach. The smell of damp leaves filled my nose. Freezing, I put on my coat. Trees made horrific shadows and the wind made their leaves rustle violently. Terror flooded my body as I carried on walking through this threatening place. Shivering, I zipped up my coat and grabbed my arms tightly against my body. A thick fog rolled in filling the air. A shiver ran down my spine, making the hairs on the back of my neck stand on end. My heart pounded like a base drum and felt as if it would escape my body. Relief flooded my body as the end of this horror house revealed itself. Hopeful, I ran, yearning to get out of here…

City in the clouds (homework)

May 24th, 2015

As I  approached the floating city, the hovercraft began to slow. A fluttering sensation flooded my stomach and my palms were sweaty. I didn’t want to go to Cloud City, I wanted to go home but I knew I had to if I wanted to earn money. I sighed. “Things could be worse!” I whisper to myself. Seven other people were on the plane with me and two more were soaring in front of us. One to our left, one to our right. The sky seemed never ending and it was a deep, divine blue just like the sea.

It was so beautiful I found myself daydreaming until… CRASH! The hovercraft shook vigorously and everyone looked out of the window. A sharp pain of fear hit my chest as I realised it was an enemy hovercraft! It cut through the air like a knife through butter and prepared to shoot. Silence. Suddenly, one person screamed then everyone screamed! Everyone was in a blind panic as they realised they might not make it. Panic swelled in my throat as this worrying thought came to my mind. I tried to remain cool and collected and wondered what would be the worst thing to do. Well, it would have to be… Run round like a lunatic just like these weirdos!

I sat in my seat and buckled up. Do you know why? Soon enough, the ride became bumpy! That’s why! My nails dug deeply in to the fabric of the seat as I prayed to survive. At that moment, it went full speed ahead and swooped past other ships blocking our path. I looked out the window. Bullets flew everywhere! I looked round the plane. Me and three others were alive… The others weren’t so lucky. Without warning, I felt a stab in my left shoulder. I looked at it and saw I was shot. I could now only anticipate the worst.

Steampunk City by Owen

May 24th, 2015

As the sun crouched behind the purple horizon, the hot air balloons sailed towards Jacent City, bringing goods from the spice traders. Thrusters, cogs and all the other machinery you could think of, effortlessly kept the city afloat. The smell of oil and diesel wafted through the air and the sound of steam puffing like a marathon runner richocheted inbetween buildings. Like a knife through butter, blinding lights slashed and tore at the gloom. With my golden jetpack creating violet flames, I flew towards the port.

Sticking out like a sword thumb, the city hall rose above the residential, industrial and commercial  buildings. The stars were like silver needles and the heavy air encircled the Earth. As I approached the port, a harsh wind sent me backwards. Luckily, I could get a better view of the city from here. Just as I turned to explore, I saw something I wished I had never seen.

Galactic Werewolves!



Homework 27.4.15

April 28th, 2015

The tarnished spaceship flew ever closer to the gleaming city. Watching the scene unfold before him, Riaquazi gazed across the vast cloud land. “Wow.” he breathed. Inevitably, the inner story-writer inside him began to think of the mysterious history of Cloudtopia. How did it get up there? Who- if anyone- lived there? And where was he being taken?

Fumes from the engine shrouded Riaquazi and he began to choke. All he could remember was that he was in the forest and then someone or something took him. The next 24 hours were a complete blank. But here, he couldn’t worry about what had happened, all he could think and look at was this  beautiful island, isolated from the rest of the world, high up in the clouds. Heart thumping wildly, screaming to escape, Riaquazi peeked over the edge. Endless oceans of cloud blocked his view. Feeling relived that he couldn’t look down, he focused on the turrets jutting out from what looked like a castle. The pilot of the spaceship, who had not spoken to Riaquazi yet, opened the heavy, steel door and stepped towards him. An ugly grey beard hung loosely from his chin and his jet black eyes stared menacingly in the young boy’s. Something about the man made him shiver and fear induced adrenaline began to pump through his veins. Silently, the tall man motioned for Riaquazi to follow. Daringly, he followed.

All of a sudden, the ground began to shake and Riaquazi fell. Through the floor and down down into the clouds lurking below. Tumbling through them, they caught in his throat, making him choke again. Down he fell. Into the dark abyss below…..

Meanwhile in the spaceship

“Woah!” The tall man, who went by the name of Elisiada, exclaimed. The whole of the floor had given way, except from a thread that attached the walls and the floor together. It was like an opened can. Along with their subject, went thousands of test tubes and documents that were scattered over the table, which had also gone. The spacecraft was hovering, motionless in the air. Elisiada stood still in the cockpit, it was only the passenger floor that had fallen. What was he going to do now? His boss had demanded that he fetch the boy or his life would be over. What would become of this frightened pilot?…………….

Sky City

April 28th, 2015

Above the ethereal, white clouds, the city floated in the sky. Futuristic jets hovered, travelling in and out of the phenomenal place that materialized out of no where. The sound of birds could be faintly heard on the towering trees, while the aroma of flowers wafted through the air. The scorching sun glimmered, shining bright lights on the city. Colossal, lofty buildings, created out of reinforced glass, formed immense, dark shadows that looked dominant to everything. The temperature was moderate, as usual. In the exact center, a fear-inducing, spiraling vortex, shrouded by gates that were unstable due to the vortex’s prodigious power.

During night, a veil of stars blanketed the city. Luminous, radiant lights covered the streets, that were made of concrete. In the distance, wave of neon, prismatic lights of the aurora borealis danced like fireworks. It was so silent, it felt like there was an aura of tranquility surrounding the city…

Dear diary from Tom – Megan

April 23rd, 2015

Dear diary,

Today was one of those “can’t really explain it” days you know? It started out with a simple fishing tournament between me and Jez  like always but this particular tournament escalated into things such as: conspiracy theories, aliens, circulation with other cases making a compelling argument to hold up in court and things that have caused wild speculation across the world pacifically the United States of America. This mix of events in my daily routine lead to everything I see lately leaving me wondering about  something and weather it has some sort of link to what happened. Aliens might seem like I have taken a pretty big jump to get to a very unlikely and out of reach conclusion and to be completely  honest  I thought so two but after doing my research I have formed a compelling argument (with the help of my trusty, dusty Jez of course). I f I am lucky I can hopefully get a court case booked or something. Wish me luck.

From Tom

Homework 20.4.15

April 23rd, 2015

Jez’s diary

Dear diary,

You will never believe what happened to me today! It all started this morning when I went out fishing with Tom. We had spent the whole day fishing, and we didn’t catch a single fish. We usually catch loads, so I knew something was wrong. It was getting late and we both knew it was time to go home. Tom insisted on staying out late, even though our parents were probably going mental. Anyway, we were turning to go when a blinding light appeared in the sky. Obviously, we were confused but Tom, being Tom, wanted to go an see what was happening. Reluctantly, I followed. What we saw was almost unspeakable. It was a……….. SPACESHIP! And not only that, an ALIEN too! Of course, no one believes us. But after we saw the ship, the next 24 hours is a complete blank! I cannot, for the life of me, remember what happened next. Who can forget something like that? The doctors said that it was amnesia brought on by shock. Shock! Yes from the sight of the spaceship and its occupant! The police called us timewasters! I know what I saw. And Tom saw it too! Mum and Dad were livid when we got home. She also had a go at us for getting our shoes muddy and leaving a trail all over the kitchen floor. After cleaning up the mess, we returned to our room. I was starting to think that mum and the doctors were right but just a few minutes ago, I found this. A jet black shiny pebble. It’s irregular shape and perfect smoothness confused me. And when I rubbed it, it warmed up and began to glow. Amazingly, Tom has one too. “What were they for?” He had asked me. We weren’t sure if we actually wanted to know. Let’s hope whoever it’s from doesn’t want it back………


Image result for polished black stone







The pebbles of the future


Have you always wanted to know how to use the mysterious pebbles? They appeared in pockets on the 14th of August, after a freak alien landing. These amazing, yet mysterious objects have raised the suspicion of many members of society but no-one has managed to understand them. After many theories, we managed to discover that they are used for time-travel Here’s how to use them………


To start, rub the smooth surface repeatedly, until it starts to glow. When they get too hot to hold, place them on a level surface and say the name of the year and destination you would like to travel to. Close your eyes and imagine yourself there. Count to 5 and then Pow! You are there. If you wish to return home, you must first wait at least an hour for the stones to cool. Then chant ‘Home’ three times and jump as high as you can. Don’t use the pebbles over 5 times in two days, otherwise, malfunction may be a risk.

This is all you need to know about this amazing method of travel. Beware, misuse can result in death or serious injury.


Image result for time travel

The World Behind the Door by Owen

April 18th, 2015

“Hello?” called Danny. Silence. The only sound was his heart beating against his chest. Thump thump. That was it. Slowly, he opened the dusty, old door and stepped into the room behind it. Except…it wasn’t a room. It was a Glade. The Glade boasted 10 feet tall mushrooms and blue willows. Suddenly, the strangest being appeared in front of Danny and it had: green feathers, a large mouth with 4 rows of purple teeth and a scaly, blood-red tail. Then, it spoke, “What are you doing here?” it screeched, “N…nothing” he replied. All of a sudden, it screamed in a shrill tone and went for Danny, with the speed of a fox. Luckily, Danny could outrun it and ended up in a heap inside a hollow tree.

“Who are you?” said something in a quiet voice. He looked down and saw a tiny fairy. “I’m Danny,” he replied, shocked at the sight of her, “I’m Lizzie” she said, “How did you get here?” she asked, “I found a door and I went through it. Now here I am.” Then, they heard a scream. Lizzie dragged Danny to the location of the noise with surprising strength. There lay a blood-stained  heap of a body. It was the Thing that Danny saw earlier. “Thank god he’s dead. We could always use one less of the Gizes,” mused Lizzie.

A few hours later, Danny had arrived home. His mother was livid, “Where have you been! I’ve been worried sick!” she scolded “I got lost in the woods” replied Danny, with his fingers crossed behind his back. When he got into his bed, he heard a shriek.

Diary Entry (Homework)

April 18th, 2015

Dear Diary,

Yesterday was strange. Me and Jez were fishing and decided to return home, as it was late. If we didn’t, I bet we’d be in trouble. We were only half a mile away from the cottage. Abruptly, we heard a strange whirring sound that was coming from the forest. Then, me and Jez, could see an eerie light that hovered above the forest. We had the same thought of what it was. Aliens. Curious, we went deeper and deeper into the forest, until a gust of wind tore at the trees. Something had happened.We walked unsteadily towards the light and noticed that there was a colossal spaceship. Some lights shimmered, then a door opened. A shadow moved out. I didn’t know what happened next.

I woke up, with Jez asleep. I didn’t know how long it had been. We were cold and couldn’t remember anything, except that a spaceship had landed and an alien came out. As I looked around, I saw it. The trees were scorched and the grass and bushes were crushed.

That was all I could remember. The doctor who consulted us thought it was amnesia brought by shock. The local policeman called us time wasters and let us continue our holiday. But, that night, we both felt something in our pockets. There were two jet black pebbles that glowed and heated when we rubbed it. Maybe it was a present…

Beyond Darkness by Luke and Weibo

April 18th, 2015

 NOTE: UNFINISHED. 8000 words.

Darkness has risen across the universe. There is one hope left. One man, east of Silent Hill, he is yet regenerated into a new soul, but shall be the savior of us!

Chapter 1:

A New Beginning

Chris yawned. His eyes were just about opening. “Where am I? What’s happened?” he whispered, looking around the room. When his eyes were fully opened, he realized where he was. He was in a… bed? There were constant beeps going on and on. He looked out of the window, something wasn’t right. It was full of darkness. No buildings he could spot, just plain land. He was lost… The wind whistled as the thunder crashed onto the plains. What was going on? Chris jumped out of the bed and he realized where he was… He was in a wrecked hospital… But why? He looked healthy as ever, no wounds, no injuries. Huge cracks surrounded the room, like he had been there for centuries. He crept and crept and crept closer to the door. Then, slowly grabbed the handle on the door and opened it, thinking there may be dangers nearby. He was now in a shorter room, with tables. Something caught his eye, it was a sharp knife on one of the wide open drawers; it had a drip of blood on the end of it. Feeling curious, he grabbed the knife and slipped it in his pocket for dangers that may be encountered ahead. He opened the door in front of him and a shadow appeared… Who or what was it? Could it be someone trying to escape too? Suddenly, roars and screams filled the new room. Something was revealed. Its hat was a symbol shaped like a rain drop, with skulls and bones on it. Did it mean… poison? Above the door was a sign, reading, ‘TEST SUBJECT 3’. Chris was a test subject! He got closer to the shadow and grabbed his knife out… He was staring on a humanoid figure resting on a chair. It was a nurse, damaged badly, but still alive… How was it possible? Is it human? Slowly, it moved its hand. Waking up, the nurse raised its head and stared weirdly at Chris. The nurse roared, enraged by her condition. Chris saw that the nurse’s face had a crack on her cheek. She bounced off her chair and started to charge towards Chris. Grabbing his knife out, he attacked the nurse’s arm. The strange being screamed in pain, she was really annoyed with Chris now that he had harmed her even more. She couldn’t take it no longer; she was about to hit Chris but, lucky for him, she fell over dislocating her leg. Chris had his chance to defeat her, he put the knife in his pocket and stamped on the violent being’s head and after that, the creature was no more. “… What is this world now? Has it been taken over by Demons? I need to get out of this strange place, and I will.” Chris vowed to himself. As time passed, he found the doors to get outside. He crept closer to it each second. Then, as slow as a snail, the door creaked open. It just wasn’t right. It was… back to the real world? But it was still dark. There were ruins nearby. Chris missed his family, so he was going to go there.

Chapter 2:

A Strange Greeting

Chris was walking down the street in the very dark morning, looking around him as he went, encase of danger. Eventually, he arrived at his parent’s house. The door was wide open… He walked inside and then into the living room. Her parents sat on worn-out chairs, who were in a terrible state. “Sit down son.” said his Father. “We have something to tell you. The city has been invaded by someone we know, who you have forgotten. The only way for you to find out is if you face a terrible danger. You must go to the Wild West where you will find an item, sharp and trusty. Go now. We are counting on you to do this.”  He continued. Chris gulped; he was surprised by such a welcome, it felt weird. Although, he was curious, so he did as his parent’s said. Even though he was leaving, he wanted to investigate. First, he checked around the living room, but nothing was special. Then, he went to the kitchen, also quite original. But when he went outside, there was a noise coming from inside the garage. It was a squeaky noise. A very squeaky noise. He got closer to the handle of the garage. And he realized it was a mouse. “How dumb am I?” He giggled, feeling stupid.  Inside, was a heavy, long pipe. It was very strong and would be useful if he came across even more dangers, so he grabbed it and put his new weapon in his sheath which he just noticed was there. He also noticed he had a backpack behind him. After that, he went to the basement. It was quiet. Too quiet. He explored the whole area and found a door…It was locked. Maybe he needed a key? But that wasn’t important, or was it? “I’ve finished here, nothing more to do in this house, I will be off to the Wild West!” whispered Chris.

Chapter 3:

The Abyss

Feeling brave, he opened the front door and started to walk the streets. All of a sudden, Chris fell into a huge hole in the ground and found himself in a dark gloomy cave, there was a rune reading, ‘The Abyss’. “That must be the place I am in!” realized Chris. As he kept walking, another rune caught his eye, this time it read, ‘Do not trespass or face the dangers ahead… Continue if you dare…’ Who wrote this? Thought Chris, confused. At that moment, a shadow appeared, it was humanoid but very skinny. He could see a wooden sword, which had a blunt blade.  Words popped open in his mind, ‘You feel an evil presence watching you…’ What did it mean? Suddenly, he heard some rattles coming from the top of the cave. Bones fell from the ceiling, but how? Strangely, they joined up together and created a skeleton. It moved towards him, slowly with might. Then, something caught his eye. It was an iron-reinforced wooden sword that was almost camouflaged behind a rock. Quickly, he ran to it and grabbed it. He put it in his sheath as a quick attack weapon, as his pipe was heavy and slow. Just then, the skeleton approached him. In time, Chris managed to grab the pipe and he swung it at the skeleton with his two hands. Thinking it was funny, Chris saw that the skeleton’s bones scattered the cave’s surface. In the distance, he could see two doors, exactly identical apart from one has a lock. The one without, was unlocked, so Chris opened the door and walked in… It was a perfect replica of the Coliseum. Within seconds, a flame was charging at him. Chris reflected the fireball back with the pipe and something fell from the top. It was a robot, with a fiery mouth and a strange, purple battery on the back. “If I was in a computer game, I’d call this a boss!” Chris joked. Within seconds, he was up on his feet, ready to approach his opponent. Chris gasped. “Time to get real, huh?” Chris said, in a cool way. The robot was rusty with bronze metal, hot as fire inside and cold as ice on the outside. What if I get rid of that battery-looking thing?  Thought Chris. Slowly, the robot breathed out fireballs, while Chris spun and spun and spun with his pipe. He was getting dizzy, but he knew he was reflecting the balls of heat. Eventually, the robot was knocked down and strange thing that was behind it glowed purple. Chris smashed it, and the Robot knocked him back. Enraged, it breathed out four everlasting orbs. Slowly and carefully, Chris smashed them but his pipe burnt a little bit. “What should I do now…” feared Chris. He spun his pipe again, forcing a heavy blow of wind, extinguishing the fiery  orbs. The robot, again knocked down, had a different colour, now green. Chris hit it again, and it turned red. The robot, who was angered, made the room dark. “You mad?” Chris chuckled. Suddenly, two waves of orbs appeared. A mace, with a fiery soul also had appeared. Chris again, spun with his pipe but it did no use. Chris took his blunted blade out of the sheath and stabbed the orb on the edge. It was stabbed like a corpse on it. He thrown the fireball on into the Robot, and the others disappeared. Knocked down, for the final time, the robot was finished. Chris smashed the battery broken and the battle was over. The metal armour he wore morphed into a key. Was the key for the other door?

Chapter 4:

The Awakened

Slowly, he walked out of the coliseum and back into the cave. He inserted the key in the lock that was on the other door and it creaked open. Chris walked inside and there, he saw many demons, each containing a demonic soul. They had tridents and looked like they was covered in blood. Full of vengeance, Chris grabbed his blade out and slashed them with might. They died in horror and the path was clear. In his sight, there was a cave, which he walked into slowly. Suddenly, he heard something. A voice, but not a human voice. It bellowed, “You have ignored my warnings and trespassed. There shall be no mercy!” Chris backed away. Suddenly, the the ground rumbled and rocks spiked up from the ground. Rushing, the beast rose from the ground and shouted, “I am Vellum, the one with the Darkened Soul.” Slowly, it dug back down and into another place. Quick as a flash, Chris stabbed its armor with the blade and the beast screamed in pain. “Oh, looks like were getting real… again.” laughed Chris.  Vellum dug down and again, rose in a different place. Violently, he shot out Obsidian Rocks that were as hard as an anvil, they bounced while Chris ran, trying to dodge them. Looks like it’s best to go behind him to damage him the best, he doesn’t turn his head around. Thought Chris. Carefully, he dashed around Vellum and quickly attacked him. Fast like a flash, Vellum instantly dug down into the ground, outraged. From the right end of the cave, the beast did a huge jump across the cave, damaging everything that was in its way. Chris, knocked out by Vellum’s scales, collapsed on the ground and his arms started to bleed. … Will I die? Will my life end this fast? Chris thought, crying deep inside him. With might, Vellum broke the ground again and started to send out toxic poison. Chris got up to his feet and rushed towards vellum, holding his blunted weapon as he run. It pierced through Vellum and the creature, strangely… turned into stone. Chris broke the statue of Vellum and stone crumbled. A chest appeared in the middle. Chris opened the chest and got strange green coins… He went out of the door and there were strange travellers there. “Come trade, come trade! We sell boxes for coins! They contain all goods!” one said. Chris traded his coins for two boxes and opened it. First, he got some rocks and next, he got a strange gem. “What does this do?” asked Chris. By then, the travellers were gone. Suddenly, a door appeared… It was highly strange;he walked into the passageway…

Chapter 5:

Time After Time

It felt like time had paused then. Everything around him was frozen in time. But he wasn’t. “… What happened?” Chris questioned himself. He couldn’t hear what he said. His voice was frozen.. as well? Time has been frozen…but what  caused it? A spell?   Thought Chris. It was strange. Very strange. Chris explored the land around him, it was like a wasteland, and in front of him a huge slim tower touched the clouds. Slowly, he decided to enter, as he felt that time freezing was something to do with it. “Oh please… Why does it need to be a staircase? I feel like something’s at the top though, would it be worth it?” Chris exclaimed, feeling lazy. “This place is pretty tall, anyone agreeing with me?” he continued, not realizing he was talking to himself. Then, on the right side, he saw a sign reading, “Clockwork Tower” So, that was what it was called. Did anyone say, TIME?” Chris joked. He climbed and climbed and climbed until something nearly stabbed him. In front of him was a giant scorpion! If I fall; I will rage and stop climbing up the tower. Chris said, hoping not to fall. Grabbing his blade out, he tried harming the scorpion’s scales. There wasn’t much time and he could feel a bad thing was going to happen. “Wait. If time is frozen, then why can this scorpion move?” said Chris, confused… “There must be someone or something at the top” continued Chris. He was extremely puzzled. He gone with it anyway  and tried to poke the scorpion on the eye. “Come at me bro!” Chris laughed. In anger, the Scorpion furiously tried to stab Chris, but kept missing. “I’m over here,” Chris joked, “Now I’m here!” The scorpion was starting to get dizzy. Very dizzy. Eventually, after spins and spins, Chris was exhausted, but at least the scorpion was defeated. “Oh please. I just realized I wasted all my energy…” Chris murmured, feeling stupid. He walked and walked and walked up the stairs, slower and lazier as he went higher and higher. Suddenly, he was at the top. The very top of the Clockwork Tower. The moment when he found some creature which had a strange staff. The top was full of clocks and things time related.

Chapter 6:

A Meeting with Time

Someone was there. Someone strange. He looked human, but wasn’t. He probably has something to do with this… Chris thought. “Be eliminated with time!” the humanoid creature said. He raised his staff and everything was moving again. So it is confirmed that he is. Chris again thought. Suddenly the staff the being was holding was absorbing time, which froze the arena around him, he was trapped at the top of the Clockwork Tower with the creature. The creature raised it’s staff in the air again but this time it shot out a laser creating a portal. “I will go back to my master’s realm and I will destroy all beings that are in our way from conquering Earth!And you are the person who the master is close to, you can’t remember who he is, but when the time is right, you will understand, you are the one who the master wants to kill!” shouted the creature. The master? That must be the one who wants to bring destruction to Silent Hill.Realized Chris. “Who is this master?” he questioned. “That is for me to know and for you NOT to find out! Now I will go now bye bye!” “Not without a fight!” demanded Chris, feeling brave. Agreeing, the creature charged at Chris.Fearless, Chris released his blunt-blade and attacked the wizard-like creature, but strangely it did no damage. Angry, the monster shot a medium-sized fire-ball from his staff. Using his brain, he grabbed his pipe from his bag, and reflected the attack aiming at the creature. Laughing, Chris heard the creature scream like a girl. Still, it was alive, feeling humiliated. “Ahhhhh!” screamed Chris. He lashed his weapon at the creature. Yet again, it didn’t harm him. Reacting, the creature slashed his weapon at Chris, but smartly, Chris grabbed the staff before it hit him and he fired an ice-ball by accident at the creature but it was a lucky accident, because the creature was no more! But he still had a few problems, time was still frozen, who is the master and why is he after him. So many questions, so little time. Sneaky, Chris stole the staff for his future battles. He raised the staff, being silly, but it did unfreeze time, wow, thought Chris. So he saved time but the portal was still active, he had to find out who the master is and why he wants to destroy him, so he entered the portal, one step closer to peace…

Chapter 7 

A Sight of Poison 

When he entered the passage way he transported to a dark and gloomy setting, towering trees surrounded him, also poison painted the ground, he was in an poison-filled forest! But why? The forest was dark. Too dark. Something told Chris he was heading in the right direction. Chris slowly peered into the forest, it was habited with dangerous effective worms, which was death-black-coloured. Suddenly, a huge scream ran through Chris’s ears, it was getting louder and louder. Chris gasped and ran as fast as he could, avoiding all the poison on his way. Just then, the surface rumbled frantically. What is happening? Thought Chris, still running, for his LIFE! At that moment, the creature that was after him shot out of the ground, it was a giant worm! The creature roared in agony. The worm was covered in blood and mud, it’s bones was out of control, it slammed it’s body on the ground, near Chris, but he knew it was an accident, he just knew the creature was harmless and injured, but how would Chris communicate with the creature? He didn’t know but he had to figure it out, and fast, few more seconds and he will be barbecued. And even though the giant worm was no fear, it could still kill him. Later, Chris noticed that the creature didn’t have it’s whole body, all it had was it’s tail, but then Chris thought it was a giant worm, but all that he was looking at was the tail of the creature, (the others must have been cut off somehow) so the tail looked like a giant worm, so when all parts of the creature combine it wont make a giant worm, because only the tail looks like a worm, so the whole creature is not a giant worm! So what is it? Thought Chris, curious. Yet again, the tail, out of control, rested on the poison. After that, a voice came into Chris’s mind. “Find me my other parts, go east you will find another segment of my body, now go, I will give you a prize if you do…” said the voice. Chris was extremely confused, but he was lost, and couldn’t do nothing, so… Agreeing, he nodded to the injured creature, who understood what he was trying to say. The creature spoke again, “Thank you, I appreciate your decision, but my segments are in different locations, I detect one in the forest of poison, where we are now, one near some-sort of tower and in the darkest shadows of the Abyss the one surrounded by an island, please find my segments and return them to me, take this item, say where you want to go, and it will guide you there. Now please find my other segments…”  Thinking about where the island could be, he took the item and disappeared through the trees. The object he was given was directing him to the north-east, he searched the area, but all he could see were poison painting the ground. Just then, the trees shook like a naked giant trapped inside a gigantic ice-cube. What was going on? It got worse, an earthquake appeared in the ground right where Chris was standing! At that moment, Chris tripped and fell in the crack in the ground. Luckily, he was hanging on with one hand, but how long can he hang on for… Sweat was rolling down his face as he tried to pull himself up, but it was no use. “Hang on Chris!” said someone running towards him. The person was a woman, 24-looking, it was Chris noticed the woman, it was Kim! (Chris’s cousin) With both of their strength, they managed to pull Chris up. “How did you get here?” asked Chris, hoping for a response. “It’s a long story. I found out that the town was being invaded the same way you did, from your parents, then I got told that you went to find out who is behind all this darkness and chaos, so I followed you. The second after you left, the time wizard resurrected, I fought it and destroyed it for good. And when I arrived at the forest I heard your grunting, so I came to rescue you. That’s that. Oh and before I forget, I found this creature.” said Kim, holding a little being. A segment! Thought Chris, he took the part and placed it next to the tail of the creature, the parts glowed sun-yellow as they combined to make a bigger part. “Let’s find the others.” he commanded. As the cousins traveled to the Abyss, Chris explained about the injured creature. Kim believed every bit, but where was the other segment in the cave, both of the cousins didn’t see anything when they were there before, so is it a…different cave?

 Chapter 8:

A New Region

As they walked to the Abyss, they prepared themselves in case a new terror arrives. Eventually, they made it, “Lets start the search.” Kim said, determined to complete their mission. The cousins explored every inch of the place, but found nothing, apart from a picture engraved on a rock, it was the sign of a sword, a blunt sword. Chris thought of the blunt sword he had collected in the Abyss, could that be a key for something? Chris grabbed the sword. He slowly inserted the sword in a little hole beneath the perfectly-shaped hole. He rotated it and as a result, a wall cracked open. Light shone into their eyes, blinding them. A shadow emerged from the light. It then realized itself, a green and silver armoured warrior. “I am Odin, the protector of the Cave of Life. Any who dare to enter must be destroyed by my lance to continue on!” the creature said as it raised its weapon. Odin Enemy FFXIII Odin swiftly slashed with his lance, while painfully harming Chris. “Fight me! I’ll wreck you any day!” Chris joked. Angered, Odin raised his shield to create a force field. Rapidly, Chris continuously slashed Odin’s shield with the pipe. As a result, Odin released the shield and lowered the force field slowly. He unleashed a battle-cry of anger. Odin frowned, looking at Chris, shocked. But that didn’t stop him from victory. “You are dead to me! That was my shield. My grand-ma gave it to me when I was 666! You will regret THIS!” Odin shouted, angered. Chris laughed, “So how old are you? Perhaps that shield was forged by devils?” Quickly, Chris dashed behind Odin, smacked him on the back with the huge pipe and continued his tactic. Each time Chris hit the possessed armor, the worst he was. “Hmm? Perhaps you have no  actual body, but you are just a soul. Once your armor is broken, your soul will fly away and your defense shall be shattered.” Chris wisely said. He knew what to do. Odin was a possessed armor, his soul was sealed inside him. Chris stabbed Odin, right in the position where the heart was. The creature screamed, in horror. He was no more. “This is not the end…!” Odin shouted, saying his last words. Chris took everything Odin had. He was now prepared, deadly weapons, protective defense and powers. He was filled with vengeance. After a walk, he saw a strange sign, reading, ‘Move on… if you dare‘ What hazards could possibly be there? Dart traps, spears? Monsters, creatures, what? He was confused. Although he was slower, he felt the armor he wore gave him something very useful. Suddenly, he the a door opened. He could see a strange thin ball of crystal. Was it a good idea to shatter it?

Chapter 9:

The Battle with Horntail

After a while, he was made up his decision. He knew there was something mysterious with it, it was purple and blue. He climbed up a rope in the area, shattered a crystal and the earth shook. What was going on? Suddenly, a yellow and red ball of light appeared in the middle. It had a ray that summoned something. Suddenly, a dragon appeared. The entrance sealed. He could see a carving that read, ‘HORNTAIL’. Who was it? Was it  the beast that he summoned?

Suddenly, smoke filled the room. Then, appeared Wyverns and Beholders?  He had no ranged weapon. None. They were flying creatures, which Chris couldn’t attack.

“Focus on Horntail himself. I’ll get rid of the Beholders and Wyverns.” Kim said, to Chris. Then, he found a strange weapon stuck inside a rock. Dashing, he grabbed it. It read on its blade, ‘Night’s Edge’. Was it a better sword? Had to be. While Kim eliminated the Wyverns and Beholders, they both focused on attacking Horntail. They attacked his left foot, while the dragon slammed it tail. The cousins were knocked back, hit the wall and broke some stones. “The tail first. That was painful.” Kim said. Quickly, they zoomed to the tail. Chris stabbed his new weapon in, then out. The creature screamed in horror. Then they slashed and slashed and slashed… until then, the tail turned into stone. “Now, left foot, then right!” Chris shouted. They both attacked Horntail. It was repetitive and boring… Suddenly, the arms moved around and then he could see even more Wyverns and Beholders. They nodded at each other, Kim, like earlier knew what to do. The claws started to get marks as they scratched the the dragon’s foot. Suddenly, a fireball launched at Kim… She unleashed two guns somehow and destroyed all the enemies except a Beholder and Horntail. Kim, rapidly shot the fireball, which reflected to Horntail’s left foot. At that moment, Chris ran away. He escaped the explosion and the foot was turned into stone. Suddenly, fire rained down on them. Well, not fire raining; the dragon’s center head breathed out a huge flame. The cousins attacked the right foot, as the Beholder was doing nothing. Kim killed the beholder, there were many corpses already. Then, suddenly, rocks rose from the ground. They both fell, smashed themselves in the ground. They knew they were getting injured and could possibly die anytime. The right foot then had turned to stone. Success! “Left arm, left wings, right arm, right wings!” Chris shouted. They climbed the rope to the left arms platform, then attacked it. Suddenly, the arm swung back, then forward, picking the cousins up. “Oh no..” Chris said. It let go of them and they slammed on the ground. More beholders came, but no Wyverns. Kim killed nearly all of them, except one like last time. “Don’t go back on the platform.” Kim said. Chris got out his pipe and aimed a fireball at the exact middle of Horntail. Both arms and wings were harmed. Kim shot the left wing and arm, then the right. They both turned into stone. “Now, the hard part. Its the heads, the only ones left.” Kim said. They climbed the rope, until the top. It was the left head. The right dragon blew a puff of poison, which the beholder’s fireball went through it. Kim shot it, so that it aimed for the middle. And it did. It burst. Suddenly, the ground shook again. “3…2…1.. Jump!” Chris said. The rocks came up again. But this time, they dodged it. The left head turned into stone after! “2 more to go!” Kim shouted, triumphantly. “Don’t get your chances up, that middle one can be real harm.” Chris said. They went down the the platform and went to the highest right. The beholder shot another fireball, Chris reflected it. It hit both dragons and they turned into stone. Victory! Mob Horntail The cave sealed open. Before they left, they stabbed the statue of rock causing it to shatter into millions of pebbles. Horntail was no longer. They swam through the pebbles and found a crimson-red object hidden secretly under the rocks. Kim grabbed it, realizing it was a strange-looking gun that had words that were engraved to it reading, “Volcanic Fury”. Kim thought about its name. It was probably a gun that shoots bullets that are covered in fire. They slowly walked out of Horntail’s Arena and then looked around. There was something brown on the corner. Chris slowly grabbed it and realized it was a segment! “One out of three found!” Chris exclaimed. Suddenly, the segment glowed. Everything froze at that moment. Except Chris and Kim. But what was it? “The Clock Tower. The next place has to be the Clock Tower. Time has frozen, once again.” Kim muttered. They moved out of the cave and saw frozen wyverns, that was guarding the Cave of Life. File:Equipment-Volcanic Pepperbox icon.png Something wasn’t right… The cousins knew something wasn’t. But what? They walked on, ignoring the feeling. He kicked a rock. “Ow! It was so small and didn’t even move!” Chris shouted, while consistently kicking the rock. Kim giggled and embarrassed Chris. “You realize your just hurting yourself, time is frozen, the Clockwork Tower is where we are going to continue our quest for the segments. Idiot.” Kim said.

Chapter 10:

An unexpected visitor

They were now searching for the portal that warped them to the forest. They knew it was somewhere near the giant crack in the ground where Chris fell and reunited with Kim. The cousins sighed because they had to do a lot of walking. But then something caught their eyes, a strange screwed-up note that was left on the ground. Was someone here before? Or was someone trying to send them a message. It wasn’t there before they met the worm. Then, they saw the portal, but something was wrong. Instead of it being blue, it was strangely red. Perhaps it was something dangerous ahead? They slowly stepped forward until they reached the portal. Soon, they walked in and they were in the Clock Tower. “I suppose we just broke physics. If time was frozen, then why were we teleported?” Chris joked. Suddenly, a man appeared, with a sharp sword… “I am Cid Raines. I work for the Master!” Cid Raines said, wielding his sword. “Who is this Master?” questioned Chris. “That is for me to know and for you to not find out, but I will tell you this, it is someone you used to be very close to. It is time for your death!” replied Cid. “If that’s how you want it to be, let’s battle for our lives!” Chris shouted in courage and determination. Kim loaded the gun she found, the Volcanic Fury. Then, she blasted a devastating bullet at Cid, he roared in pain as he unleashed his sword, “Oh you are going to regret that, you have just made a terrible mistake…” he smirked. Cid lashed his sword at Chris. Blood dripped as he revealed his blade. Chris swiped his weapon at Cid, but strangely, it didn’t harm him at all. Once again, Kim charged the Volcanic Fury and loaded it. Soon, pellets of fire were shot from the gun. Suddenly, Cid Raines’ sword was melting into molten iron. The sword was made from iron! “The bullets were melting Cid Raines’ weapon! Perfect. This should leave him defenceless.” Kim said, loading another bunch of bullets. Suddenly, Cid charged at Kim. Luckily, while Cid was charging, the volcanic bullets burst a bunch of pellets. His sword was all melted. The liquid melted onto Cid and strangely, the enemy’s skin melted off him. “I am not finished that easily… Chris and Kim…” Cid said, clenching his fists. His left hand and arm turned into ice. Kim knew what to do.  If Cid Raines was an ice warrior, so fire would melt him. It was that simple. Kim charged her gun and it burst out approximately 15 bullets that should pierce through the ice of Cid Raines. “Kill it with… fire!” Kim shouted in avail. Cid Raines fist was melting into water. Suddenly, a wall of ice surrounded them. They were trapped and sealed inside the frozen barrier. They looked past the ice and Cid Raines escaped without saying anything. Kim tried to charged the gun, it fired and the ice melted into pieces. They were free. Cid Raines was gone… They saw no track of him, no clue where he was, but something glowed in their sight. It was another piece of the creature! “Alright, one more.” Kim exclaimed. They grabbed it, then they heard water crashing onto land… What was it now? An island? They slowly walked out of the Clock Tower and suddenly, they saw Cid Raines. “I have recovered.” the ice hybrid said. Chris clenched his fists. But was time unfroze yet? But that didn’t matter. Kim loaded the gun, fired it and wanted to end this battle. “Lets finish this, once and for all.” Chris said.  Chris took the blade out. Meanwhile, Cid Raines took out a dagger made of ice.  Chris swung his sword and at the same time, Kim fired the Volcanic Fury.  Strangely, Cid Raines didn’t melt. Permafrost fist was it? Maybe, maybe not. They had to defeat Cid Raines the hard way. They didn’t want to kill him, but they were forced to. There was no other way. Chris slashed his sword on Cid Raines neck and aqua-blue blood came out. “My soul never ends. The cycle of my life form never ends.” Cid Raines explained. He then disappeared. “Oh well… He looks like he’s gone… for good.” Chris said. They slowly walked back inside, climbed up the stairs and into the Vortex to the poison forest. It was flooded…?

Chapter 11:

A Natural Disaster 

Water flooded the trees. The trees were higher because they had lots of ‘food’ (water). It was a tsunami. It had to be. Footprints leading to somewhere were seen. There were strange particles of ice and they decided to follow it… But where would it lead them to? Eventually, they reached the end. There was a path of ice surrounded in ocean water. It would be too slippery for a human to walk on. Only a sea creature could cross it. Suddenly, the creature who wanted his injured segments appeared and Chris gave him his property. Spherical magic surrounded the being, Chris and Kim closed their eyes as light blinded them, when the light disappeared the creature combined with his other segments and formed a sea serpent…  August 7, 2012: Olympic Tape, National Lighthouse Day, Sea Serpent Day, Raspberry & Cream Day Chris and Kim jumped on the blue Sea Serpents back. It’s scale felt soft like a snake’s and then at the speed of light, the Serpent swam to the island slowly… In their sight, they saw a figure, ice fists and he was humanoid. They knew who he was, but how did he get here? Cid Raines was fighting a strange creature. Chris, in suspicion, stared at him… Suddenly, the creature slashed his tentacle and knocked Cid Raines far away. Waves of water crashed on the serpent, making Chris and Kim wet. Quickly, the serpent dashed to the island and the cousins dismounted.

Chapter 12:

Release the Kraken!

The creature was a blood-red color, he had several huge tentacles and he had two yellow eyes. Suddenly, the creature slashed a tentacle, but just in time, the cousins did a big leap, dodging it. Suddenly, on the floor, they noticed a strange, glass crystal that had a weird, ice-blue liquid inside. There was a label on it, which read, ‘80% chance of success. Applies the soul of ice to your weapon if succeeded.’ Chris poured a bit of the liquid onto his sword and his sword drained it. It’s color seemed to be lost. He then dropped another, and another until the liquid was all drained to the weapon. His sword was now blue and some words came to his mind, “Your weapon is now embedded with ice, it will harm fiery monsters more. Attack a water enemy with your sword and you will drain their life. Once it is charged, your blade will glow and you can press a button to activate its special power, the Ice Shield. It will create a wall of ice around your enemies, with icicles above. The icicles will fall and damage your opponents.” Chris smiled and swung his sword at the squid. Black orbs stalked his weapon and disappeared. His sword started glowing and Chris tapped the button. Suddenly, the enemy was caged with a shield of ice. Icicles dropped down and the creature screamed in pain. “Whoa! How’d that happen?” Kim suspiciously asked. “Soul weapons. I drain the life of this beast and my sword absorbs it, charging it up.” Chris answered. Kim loaded her handguns and kept shooting the monster. Suddenly, the creature’s skin dissolved and its skeleton was left. Suddenly, the earth shook. Kim and Chris backed away, they were at the shore now. Strangely, a temple made of wood-brown bricks rose up… There were strange lizard-like species, the ‘Lihzahards’  (pronounced ‘Li – zah – D). They had javelins. Kim approached them carefully and shot them with her gun. Ferociously, the creatures charged at them in anger. Chris slashed his sword, snapping their spear. Clenching their fists, the Lihzahrds species charged at them and Chris slashed his sword and blood splattered. The Lihzahrds were beheaded and finished. Slowly, they entered the temple with caution. Suddenly, acid traps poured on them. Quickly, they backed away, just in time. “This is a dangerous place. We better watch out…” Chris warned them. “You better!”  A strange, booming voice bellowed.  But who’s voice was it? “Reveal yourself.” Kim yelled. There was no response… They continued on and jumped over the camouflaged pressure plate. They continued on carefully, knowing that there could be more traps. Suddenly, a line of flames burst near them. Luckily, they managed to dodge it, just in time. “What could be worse?” Chris asked. Suddenly, the ground again shook again. The temple was breaking into pieces! The cousins jumped and jumped, rock to rock, till they reached a long, road-like platform. A beast made of molten lava dropped down…

Chapter 13:

The Burning Fiend

The fearsome monster inhabited the deepest recesses of the Earth Temple years ago; it can be categorized as a Pyroclastic Fiend. They noticed a strange plant that had bombs. Chris jumped from platform to platform, until he reached the bomb plant. He grabbed them and got back in action with Kim. The outrageous beast stared at them angrily. Chris threw the bomb in the exact center of the beast’s mouth, which exploded in him. The beast roared furiously as his rock fell off him. It rolled down the platform to the other side, while the cousins moved out of the way. It then burst fireballs left and right. They both ducked down, avoiding them. They looked back again, the platforms were gone, but the bomb plants were nearer. Kim had to do shoot the plant while the beast was in the center. The beast angrily rolled again, Kim shot the left bomb, it didn’t do anything. They spotted a strange item nearby, though. Chris jumped again, grabbing it. It was a grappling hook! Smiling, Chris shot the weapon at the bomb, it grabbed it and exploded as it came back. Screaming, the fiery fiend let out another mighty roar. Chris grappled to the ceiling, looking around the platforms. The beast was repetitively rolling. Kim backed away, while Chris decided to drop. He landed on the beast and stabbed his sword into the eye. Spirits of darkness floated away into the sky. The fiery beast was dead. “Such a strange creature that was…” Kim said. Chris nodded in agreement. The corpse of the fiend disappeared and dropped two pairs of boots… What were they? They were lava-red and had a soft feather on the tip of it. The cousins took of their boots and wore the ones they had found. They felt a burning breeze around them. “Lava is nothing anymore.” a voice strangely said. What did the voice mean?  They were resistant to fire; it didn’t harm them one bit. Flames burst into them while it flowed furiously, they felt an evil presence watching them. Who was it? They looked and jumped around, trying to find a path to escape. Suddenly,  a shadow emerged from the temple’s walls. A few seconds later, it had disappeared… Something caught their eye. Blades of blazing fury slashed them as a strange creature revealed itself. It was a flying eyeball that dived into them, not just one, though. They could see a huge swarm of them, but how could they defeat them? Suddenly, the strange beasts vanished from sight. The cousins heard a strange, screeching noise from behind. Sharp, razor wings stabbed Kim… Was she… dead? “… This is not the end. I will not end up in death!” Kim weakly shouted. Chris furiously attacked the creatures and they fell in failure.

Chapter 14:

New Companions, New Enemies

They saw a bright light that blinded them. What caused it? Then, the light faded away. They saw two spheres of ice hovering in front of them… BOOM! The spheres both exploded, but there was no damage but there was two humanoid figures that hovered over the stone, molten platform. Who were they? Chris attacked them, but he was knocked away. “Do not underestimate our strength. We are the Shiva Twins and we will offer you help; we are from the Void Beyond, an ancient, forgotten rift containing warriors with extraordinary powers that are used to protect the Earth. A great battle awaits you. You will need help…” The Shiva Twins said. Kim’s wounds was gone and she was ready to fight. But how did she regain strength so quickly? Suddenly, a shadow emerged from the darkness. What was it? “Something’s approaching us!” Chris shouted. “Ah, perfect…” the Shiva Twins said, smiling. The beast suddenly attacked Chris with its colossal tail… It knocked him over in pain! “What is that?!” Chris shouted, staring at the shadow. The strange shadow looked like a scorpion, much like the one he saw at the Clockwork Tower. Suddenly, it emerged from darkness. “This is Moldarach, the Venomous Scorpion.” The Shiva Twins said. Chris gasped in shock and whispered to Kim, “Do they know this beast?”. The Scorpion launched it’s tail at the ground, exactly in the center. There was a loud BOOM and the cousins were knocked back severely. It was a fatal explosion! “That… it can’t be!” Kim shouted, terrified. Chris charged at Moldarach and swung his devastating weapon in the left claws eye. His claw instantly closed and grabbed Chris’ sword. “Great. My fist wouldn’t harm him one bit with that heavy, protective armor!” Chris angrily shouted. What could he do without his weapon? Unexpectedly, Moldarach dropped the blade that Chris wielded. Chris quickly grabbed it with a evil grin on his face. His sword was charged again! He activated the weapon, trapping Moldarach in a cage of ice. Icicles fell on the beast and it harmed him badly. “He’s a beast of lava with scaled armor.” Kim exclaimed. “My soul has been damaged, it is not the end just yet! I must regenerate.” Moldarach screamed. The scorpion disappeared into the vast shadows…  Suddenly, the Shiva Twins joined together, creating a motorcycle. The platforms restored itself and the Earth Temple was back in shape. “Quick, we have to run. This beast possesses very dark magic.” the motorcycle said. Chris and Kim jumped on the twins and zoomed out of the earth temple. They got out and the twins disappeared. “Summon me when you need me, Kim…” the twins whispered. Something knocked them into the clouds… It was a huge pillar of lava that knocked them to the clouds!

Chapter 15:

A Test of Faith

“Not fair! I don’t get a summon!” Chris wailed. A strange creature appeared with great, red claws and sharp, piercing eyes like a hawk. “Chris. I will be your summon, but you must prove that you are strong enough. Defeat me and I will be by your side,” the creature said. “I am Bahamat.” Bahamat continued. “If I have to prove myself worthy, then we will fight.” Chris said, determined. Bahamat put Kim in a containment vortex and said, “Sorry but this is Chris’s fight and I can’t risk you to get involved.” It explained.  Bahamat rapidly slashed and slashed with his claws, but Chris managed to launch himself out of the way from the chaotic claws. With might, strength and power, Chris jumped and slashed his sword right on the brute’s head. His… sword crumbled into dust! Fear flooded through his veins and his eyes dilated in shock. “I-I-Impossible!” Chris frowned at Bahamat, “You are strong, very strong… But not strong enough!” Determined, Chris grabbed his pipe from his backpack, took a gigantic leap and attacked Bahamat on his shoulder. As a result, he knelt down on the floor in pain. A weakness? Chris thought. As Bahamat covered his shoulder he stood up and said, “Well done, you have shown great power and courage; I will be your summon.” “Yeah! Wait what about Kim she is still captured in the containment vortex?” he said. “She shall be released, summon me at any time.” Bahamat explained. “Monsters will appear soon, dangerous, haunted species that are minions of the feared, Demise!” Bahamut warned him, and then disappeared. As Kim was released, heavy winds blew as questions remained unanswered. Who was Demise? How do they get back to the surface?





Chapter 16: 

Death in the Clouds

Chris smiled at Kim and said mischievously, “I got a summon, my awesome dragon beats your stupid ice sisters!” Chris lost his smile as the Shiva Twins appeared in front of him. “Please… don’t do… what I think you’re going to do…” Chris whispered… The Shiva Twins gave him an evil grin. “Watch your mouth…” the twins said. They then clenched their fists… After minutes of trash talk, they finally let the problem go and carried on their journey through the clouds. Just then a bolt of fire which was aiming for the cousins, blasted with extreme speed… It had landed, but with plenty of luck, it just missed. As they got back up on their feet, something humanoid in chard armour with a sharp blade and it’s head was on…fire? It was the most horrible, devastating and powerful being in the entire universe to them. Who is he? Thought Chris. Could it be Demise? “Name is Demise. Defeat me in order to return to your parents’ house, back on the ground.” Demise explained. ” How do you know?” Chris suspiciously asked. “I can read and see people’s lives like a book. But this is no time for questions. Prepare for your death, worthless soul!” the beast replied. No! This pipe is not enough to defeat him! I’m gonna die if I don’t get a better weapon… Chris thought as he stared at the shining sword. Demise threw his weapon at Chris, but the human dodged it. “This will be easier!” Chris said, grabbing the sword. Demise grabbed a sword that was brighter and looked exactly the same. “So, I got a fake?” Chris questioned. Demise didn’t speak nor reply. The blade Chris picked up was heavy, but he didn’t know if he can beat Demise with it…  Chris slashed his sword, but Demise blocked the attack. Who was stronger? Demise was extremely powerful… Chris didn’t know how to defeat Demise, perhaps he could give him a taste of his own medicine. Demise shot out a fireball with a smirk on his face, the sword Chris wielded blocked the ball of heat and knocked him a few steps back.

Homework Instruction Tale

April 18th, 2015

Do you have some shiny pebbles? Do you know how to use them? If not then read on and soon you will.

First and foremost, you need some shiny pebbles! I you don’t know how to purchase them then head straight to your local shiny, alien pebbles ‘R’ us!                                                                                                                                                                                                     Next, you must rub and/or smooth them until they start to glow!                                                                                                                      Then, dump them in a bowl of fresh tap water and VOILA; tiny disco balls to impress your friends!                                                   Finally, have a little fun, make sure not to leave them in your cupboard for too long!

Made by keep-away-from-parents .INC

Have fun!

A new house with new doors pt1 -megan

April 12th, 2015

What would have happend if you questioned the supiscious man?Have you ever wandered what that sound in the dead of night was?I don’t know..well at least i didnt until…

The surrounding silence defened me as all sounds originated from the muted laptop and the clicking of the mouse and key boured.When I checked the spelling and that is all made sence i was sastisfied and sent an email enquiring about a new house.Feeling extreemly adult, I decided to go to an exspensive dinner.I hate being alone so my life hack to loneliness is to where a business suit  and a note pad so people think that i am working.It hides the fact that i am all alone sometimes.I gossiped all night to my friends telling them that i was going to enquire in a big grown-up house.

“I think this is dueable alright you have got yourself a house congratulations!” i was uterly uephoric and couldn’t contain myself.Moving in a box of clothes COLISION I fell flat on my face!My motovations being a tiny door burried in the walls.

What was in there i wish i would have never discoverd though a story for another day should never be revealed on one, singular page.

Unrooted(Look Who’s Talking) by Owen

April 11th, 2015

The crunch of the newly fallen snow sounded beneath my feet as I carried the brown boxes, that were overflowing with odds and ends from my old apartment. This was a new beginning. All had been well before the accident but now, me and my family were in complete and utter despair. As I reached the bungalow, I heard something whisper in my ear. It was just my imagination. Or was it something else?

Eventually, I had finished unpacking everything and had time to water the Venus Flytrap. Then I put on my favourite song. I couldn’t help but notice the plant swaying to the beat. Suddenly, a hissing sound filled the room. The next thing you know, the Venus Flytrap is on my shoulder! “Hello Owen,” greeted the plant, “Ahhhhhh!”I replied. I mean; what do you expect when there is a Venus Flytrap on my shoulder?!

“Your supposed to be in your pot on the shelve,” I exclaimed “Not now,” she responded(yes it was a she). There was definitely a supernatural energy in this house. Then, out of the blue, the plant tried to bite my neck! Instinctively, I grabbed some weed killer from the kitchen cupboard and sprayed a lethal dose on to her. Unfortunately, I had paid £15 for that Venus Flytrap but I was safe.


Shapes and spaces by Amy

April 5th, 2015
– Shapes and Spaces –-The diamond shaped prison-

Glass seemed to suspend in mid air. One glittering piece floated in front of Zoe’s face catching the sun and projecting little rays outward as if it were sending a message. The world spun quicker than it usually did. Silence reigned here. Noise should have been ruler in this small place on earth but it was the silence that Zoe noticed and then….. nothing. Black. The darkest deepest black that Zoe had ever known. Thankfully it did not last long, the black become darker and darker until it consumed Zoe and she fell asleep. The beauty of that piece of glass would stay with her for many years.

The world can be one big open space or it can be a maze of smaller spaces; squares, triangles and oblongs amongst millions of other shapes that humans create. The space in which they found Zoe was a sort of diamond shaped metal prison that took over an hour of cutting and bending to get her out of. She slept through the whole show of passers-by slowing down to get a glimpse despite their inner voices telling them not to. She slept through the screams of her mother as she was dragged from the bent shape that used to be a car. She slept through the phone call that was made to her dad. She even slept through her emergence from her diamond cocoon. She would continue to sleep for a while.

The earth kept following its path and the days turned around the hospital like everything was as it should be in the world. But for Julian nothing was as it should be. His life had been tangled up and thrown around as much as the car had that carried his wife and daughter. He had just been given the news. His wife was in no state to talk to, she blamed herself and the news would not make things better for May. Better she find out later. Julian smoked the first cigarette he had smoked since the day he found out Zoe was to come into this world eight years ago. The taste of it suited the news, the situation, the feeling he had towards the earth right now. It seemed that colour was drained from this once lush and bountiful place.

Zoe opened her eyes and saw nothing, she closed them and saw a glittering piece of glass refracting light in all directions but when she opened her eyes again she saw nothing. The only thing stopping her from panicking was the sound of her dad’s voice. It was all she could feel, it seemed to consume her and calm the fear that was trying to rise from her stomach to her brain.

‘Shhhh focus on my voice monkey, try to breathe slowly.’

Zoe realised that she was gasping for air as if she were deep sea diving for treasure and couldn’t get used to breathing oxygen from a tank on her back. She learnt about scuba diving in school and sometimes Mrs Hawkins would tell the class stories about her husband’s adventures beneath the sea.

‘Is there something on my eyes?’ Zoe asked, unable to reach up and remove the mask she was sure was there as her dad held both her hands in his.

‘No monkey. You were in an accident and are in the hospital. Your eyes aren’t working right now but the doctors are trying to fix that.’

One tear built itself up in Zoe’s left eye and made to escape down her cheek. It made it as far as the corner of her mouth before its attempt was thwarted by Julian’s big gentle index finger sweeping it away into non existence. The comforting touch of her dad’s finger on her face was enough to send her back to sleep and dreaming of treasure beneath the sea.

‘There is no way to tell how long this could last for. There is no logical explanation for this but it seems that the brain has decided to shut down her sight. Zoe suffered minor head injuries but all in all she is in good physical shape. The scans show no damage to her brain and her abrasions are minor…….’ As the doctor waffled on and talked in the way that only doctors do in these situations, Julian studied his face. A face that was clinging on to the last years of youth before full blown old age. A face that showed signs of far too many situations that he was in right now. A face that could do nothing to help the situation that Julian was now in.

He thanked the doctor for his help and asked if he could see his wife while Zoe slept. He dreaded this moment. As he opened the door to this medium sized square space of which the hospital had many, he saw his wife in the last bed on the left. The room had four beds, of which two were occupied. One by an older lady, calmly eating her jelly and giving Julian a warm smile as he entered the room, and the other by May.

His wife lay with her back to him and he could feel the grief radiating from her. May was hooked up to all the machines that Julian had seen in hospital shows on TV but the doctors told him that she would be fine.

‘May?’ the word was barely a whisper and seemed to take forever to reach her ears but when it did May shot up and looked around at him. Her gaze was the fiercest he had ever seen her wear.

‘Zoe!’ It was meant as a question but it seemed that by saying it like this May could force the answer she wanted out of her husband.

‘She is ok, but she can’t see.’ The reality of those last three words seemed to hang between them with a menace that Julian knew he was to live with for the rest of his life.

May didn’t say anything she just stared at Julian as if she were trying to twist those three words around and find a combination that would mean something different. Julian sat down on the bed and stroked May’s hair not saying anything as she stared into the past constantly reliving the moment that brought her here. Eventually, as with Zoe, Julian’s touch sent her back into a restless slumber, albeit not as quickly or quietly.

When they got back from the hospital the world pretended to be normal. The sun rose, people went about their business but in that little apartment shaped box built into that honeycombed building nothing was as it was. May could not look at Zoe without crying and Zoe did not understand why. Julian helped her get through those first few days by describing every minute thing. He would describe the ants crawling around the sink, the dance of curtains being tossed around in the summer breeze, the rays of light that caught the dust and looked like poles coming through the windows. Julian decided that in the time that Zoe could not use her eyes that she would see the world through his.

Over the next few days as May withdrew into herself further and further, Zoe and Julian would share his eyes to create their own world. It didn’t take Julian long to realise that he didn’t want Zoe to see the world as it was, as he saw it; grey, ruthless and unforgiving. He wanted her to see the world that he saw before the accident, before this fell onto all of them.

And then May was gone and it was just the two of them.

-The spinning glass-

The piece of glass was quite small and in no way interesting except that it floated in mid air as if showing off. It stood out against the spinning blue sky and the sun radiating through it made Zoe feel like nothing could ever hurt her. And then she woke up to the dark.

And Julian’s voice.

There was always her dad’s voice. As he guided her out of her room and to the kitchen for breakfast he explained everything, as if the producer of her life was narrating the special version for DVD.

‘Not long ago the sun rose and the world was bathed in orange shadows and right now the whole house is a burnt yellow colour. The clouds are streaked across the sky like scribbles made by a four year old.’ Julian’s voice was distant, as if he were entering Zoe’s world.

‘I used to scribble seagulls on my drawings.’ Zoe replied trying to have a conversation with her father rather then feel like he were just a voice in her head.

‘You sure did, now what do you want for breakfast monkey?’

‘Worms on toast,’ it was not everyday that Zoe was in the mood to play this game with her dad.

With that Julian laughed and the sound flowed through Zoe, she felt it more than heard it. She could hear him rummaging through the cupboards all the while describing what he was doing. Zoe closed her eyes and remembered the kitchen, small and simple. There were always herbs hanging from the basket near the stove. The window looked out onto the little courtyard that they shared with the rest of the little apartment building. She imagined the sky, a deep blue with the just finished sunset filling the room in a yellow haze, but most of all she imagined the scribbles for clouds clumsily filling the sky.

‘Worms on toast is served my lady.’

The voice next to her ear woke her up from her dream and plunged her back into darkness. As she began to eat her dad was making shocked noises that she was eating wriggling worms. The spaghetti on toast was one of Zoe’s favourites because it seemed to make her dad happy to play this game. She went along with it and made funny faces and they laughed in that little room.

When she had finished breakfast she asked the question that seem to hang in the apartment for weeks,

‘When is mum coming home?
And with the question finally plucked out of the atmosphere in the house and into the lives of its inhabitants something changed. Zoe was becoming accustomed to feeling her dad rather than reading the tones in his voice and she could feel that he was formulating an answer to her question.

‘Your mum needs a little time to herself, she’s not well and needs some time alone.’ The words were spoken carefully and slowly like Julian was walking a tightrope whilst speaking.

‘I know she is sick but why can’t she be sick with us?’

Again the air changed and Zoe could feel something, but was not quite sure what. She couldn’t possibly know how that sentence hurt her dad.

‘If you like we can try to call her again and see if she would like us to come visit her.’

There was something different in his voice this time.

‘What do I look like?’ The question was one Zoe asked often.

It caught Julian off guard. Usually this was his favourite question to answer, it gave him so much joy to describe Zoe to anyone most of all to her. A tear pushed its way out of his eye and made its way down his cheek, but he managed to keep it out of his voice.

‘Zoe Aston has long brown hair that goes curly after a shower. She has green eyes and plump cheeks that go red after being splattered by worm blood after breakfast. Zoe Aston is quite tall for her age but walks with the grace of someone much older then her eight years nine months and 3 days…’

‘You made that up! I’m gonna check how long till my birthday.’

‘The amazing Miss Aston favours colourful dresses and socks that are always falling down. She has long eyelashes that look as if they should make a sound when she blinks and her eyes are usually half closed because she’s always thinking about something very important. And there you have it, that’s what you look like.’

And with that the day was underway. Julian had stopped working and was looking after Zoe for the moment and he hadn’t really formulated a plan as to what was going to happen next. For the moment he was just happy spending time with her everyday and protecting her as much as he could.

-The walks-

The walks started on a grey drizzly day. The city was full of grey jackets, black suits and sombre faces intent on getting to their destination. Julian and Zoe weaved through the masses creating an invisible path that only Julian could see. As they followed this path Julian began his dreamy monologue, it had become second nature to him now.

‘Tall buildings reaching up into the sky and bending over the streets are above us, can you feel them?’ He asked almost as if to himself.

When Zoe didn’t answer he continued.

‘On each building there are gargoyles. They look like they aren’t real but if you watch them for long enough you can see the smallest telltale signs that there is life in each of them. A blink of an eye here, a slight movement there.’

As he said this Zoe imagined the gargoyles living and breathing protecting their buildings. The city was transforming into something very different to what she was used to.

‘The people around us are dressed in all the colours you can imagine. Deep red scarves, emerald green jumpers and sea blue pants. Their eyes are all different colours and are looking at us in different ways.’

They walked on in silence and Zoe was imagining all sorts of amazingly dressed people around her. She was imagining people with purple eyes and yellow scarves around their heads. People were looking at them with laughter or sadness in their eyes and this thought made her heart sing. She was already beginning to forget what the city looked like before and was rebuilding it through her dad’s eyes. Just then a tram rattled along beside them and Julian pulled her onto it.

As they walked through the rectangular shape that would not have existed if it were not for humans, Julian found a seat and instinctively put Zoe on the window side. She could feel the coolness of the window next to her face. As they sat there she could feel her dad thinking hard about something. She was always wary when the monologue stoped.

‘Zoe it is time for you to go back to school.’ The sentence was almost a whisper amongst the rattle of the tram.

For months after this day Zoe and Julian would continue these walks through the city and Zoe would continue to morph the city into something that it wasn’t. But this day and this walk would end in a conversation that Zoe did not want to have but knew her dad would not let go. It had been months and Zoe was still waking to the sight of that piece of glass with the hope that when she opened her eyes they would really open, not just physically.
‘Ok.’ Zoe pushed the two letters out of her little mouth reluctantly.

‘I have called around and there are two options, you can go back to your school or start a new school for kids who are…….. in the same position as you.’ He fumbled over the words trying to find the best way to say what he had to say.

‘I don’t want to start a new school.’ Zoe replied honestly with no emotion.

‘Ok well in that case, I talked to your principle and you can go back to school as normal but you will have a buddy who will help you out and you will have some extra lessons if you need them.’

And with that the matter was settled and Julian fell back into his monologue and Zoe drifted off into his world to soak in the last few moments before having to face the reality of her situation. The world blurred past her inner eye as Julian described the lush green parks that were almost forests encroaching on the city. She imagined the concrete being pushed up by roots and moss on the buildings. She could hear the birds sounding alarms as the tram rumbled past and imagined what it would be like to live in a tree in the city. The rumblings of the tram eventually rocked Zoe into a calm sleep that she would not wake up from until they reached their stop and Julian nudged her back into the world.

-Monologue-less school-

The smell of the school had not changed, it was a mixture of kids and cleaning products. But it was a certain product and whenever Zoe smelt it elsewhere she thought of school. Julian talked her right to her class room where her teacher Mrs Hawkins gently took her arm and showed her to her seat.

‘Why it is lovely to have you back Miss Aston. You will be sitting next to Leo, he will be your buddy and will help you in class.’

While Mrs Hawkins and her dad were talking she thought of Leo. Leo was taller than Zoe and had a haircut that looked like his mum cut his hair. It was a spherical bowl around his head.

‘Hey Zoe,’ he said in his high-pitched awkward voice.
‘Hey,’ Zoe replied with no real enthusiasm.

And that was it. They sat there in silence to wait for class to begin. Julian kissed Zoe goodbye and she could hear his slow reluctant footsteps recede down the smelly corridor.

Class begun as usual with Mrs Hawkins telling them a funny story about her weekend, Zoe wasn’t really paying attention it was something to do with a fish she thought. She was thinking about how strange it was to not have the world described for her. For the first time since she returned from hospital she really felt like she couldn’t see. She turned to Leo, she could feel him wriggling in the seat next to her.

‘Could you tell me what Mrs Hawkins is wearing?’ she whispered.
‘Why?…..oh, ok. She is wearing that brown jumper that is too big for her and makes her look like a big poo.’
‘Is everyone sitting in their normal seats?’ Zoe asked, hoping that Leo would slowly warm to his role of story teller.
‘Yep everyone except Lisa who isn’t here.’ Leo stated as dryly as Zoe could imagine.

As the day plodded along, as days at school are known to do, Zoe couldn’t help but feel the hole created by the lack of her dad’s constant narrative. It felt to Zoe as if she were living again. It was hard for her to see this place through her dad’s eyes, he had never really described it to her. If she were in a place that he had talked her through, the echo of his narrative would bounce around the walls of that place. But here in this big square red brick building, Zoe had to go on her own memory and do her best.

All day Leo tried clumsily to help Zoe, but without knowing it he was trying to fill some pretty big shoes. He added a lot of his own personal beliefs mixed with a lot of false information regarding school work, he was not the best person for the job. When the teacher said to open their books to page sixteen he would open to page six and be lost. Zoe would constantly have to ask and double check if he was on the right page.

The other kids were full of questions for Zoe at lunchtime:

‘Did the car flip over and explode?’
‘How many fingers am I holding up?’
‘So you really can’t see?’
‘Are you gonna get one of those dogs?’

Lunch time was taken up by answering questions to the sounds of Leo scoffing down one pie and two doughnuts. Zoe almost felt like she were famous and was having to answer the same questions over and over. By the end of the day Zoe was feeling comfortable at school, it felt like things were getting slowly back to normal, and when the bell echoed through the big square building and into the smaller squares within the building, Zoe walked down with Leo to the front of the school where her dad was waiting to take her home in a cloud of words.

Over the next few months school returned to its usual routine for Zoe. The amazing story that had captured all the kids’ attention was overshadowed by a boy with a t – shirt with a swear word on it and a girl with braces:

‘Are they magnetic? Do paper clips fly into your mouth when you work past the office?’
‘Can you open a can of coke with those?’
‘Did they have to rip out all of your teeth to put those in?’

And just like that Zoe was once more just like everyone else. She listened in class but began to resent the dryness of the delivery of the information. She preferred it when Mrs Hawkins told stories. They were mainly about here husband and most of them had to do with the sea. Zoe swam with Mrs Hawkins’ husband among the seaweed and fish. She felt the currents on her face and saw the sun light pierce the surface to fall gently on the sandy floor in patterns that no man could reproduce. She swam with her hands by her side flowing through the water like a dolphin. This was where she was happy, this is where she wanted to be. Not in the grey shapes of the real world where she couldn’t drink it in, but here in a world that was constantly shifting and changing depending on the story or the person.

-May the dreamer-

The car rattled along drowning out the radio that was on softly. The sun streamed into the car filling it up with warmth and light, it was a comfortable safe place. May felt at home here. She could stay here forever. But she knew she couldn’t. It was as if the soft music was unsettling the mood and hinting to something, but she couldn’t tell what.

She thought about her day. It was her day off and she was keen to catch up on things that life seemed to always get in the way of. Drop a library book off, grab a coffee with Sue ‘she has been at me for weeks now!’ Her thoughts went on into the possibilities of her day. All she had to do was pick up Zoe from school at 3.30pm, apart from that she was free.

The road stretched out in front of May like a guiding path, the broken line in the middle approaching and passing as if it had no end. She drove on out of town to see Sue, the fact that Sue moved out of town to buy a house was something they talked about a lot. May thought she was crazy isolating herself out here. As much as everyone said they would come out and visit, it happened less and less as life once again found a way to stop people from keeping those kind of promises.

As she pulled up to Sue’s house the feeling of unease hung in the car. It couldn’t be the adult contemporary that was barely audible. May thought that maybe this song was playing at some traumatic moment in her life and that is why the unease was filling up the car. This made her think of all the ancestors that were queued up behind her. The millions of people that eventually led to her being born right back to the beginning of this race. She thought that of all of those people, maybe one of them had had a traumatic moment whilst this song was playing. Or maybe it was the smell in the air, the smell of the first few days of spring, surely that was more likely in the history that was behind her……May shook her head, she could get caught up in these kind of loops and just sit there zoning out for hours, one idea morphing into another seamlessly.

May got out of the car and slammed the door. This sound woke her up with a cry.

She looked around the room that was beginning to feel familiar. It had been two weeks since the accident but she did not know that. As far as May was concerned there was no accident, and there defiantly was no Zoe. Strangely enough though there was a Julian that came to visit to talk of the two previous fictional things.

May liked her room. It felt safe and warm. She did not like it when Julian came to visit. This emotion annoyed her as she knew she loved Julian but all his nonsense recently really got on her nerves. He would constantly talk of bleak horrible things. Things that she had done! And he would show her pictures of a little girl. A little girl that began to enter her dreams and fill her sleeps with a strange mixture of comfort, love, guilt and happiness.


The first time Zoe flinched Julian thought to rub his chest to restart his heart. They were on one of their walks and Julian was describing the weeping willows, sadly leaning over towards the creek like old wizened men. A Bird flew straight towards Zoe and she jumped back in fear.

Julian stood staring at Zoe not saying anything, scared that if he did he would cancel out the amazing event he had just witnessed. The break in his monologue jolted her out of her beautiful world and she stood there frozen with a questioning look on her face.

For a while they stood there, Zoe side on to Julian blankly looking over the hill towards the city and Julian staring at Zoe as if he didn’t know her. If someone had been walking past at that moment they may have believed that the earth had stoped for just an instant.

‘Zoe?’ Julian’s word floated out into the world and seemed to suspend in mid air between them before it reached Zoe’s ears.
‘What was that?’ Zoe asked.
‘I don’t know,’ Julian replied, confused and not fully understanding what Zoe was asking.
‘You don’t know what just nearly crashed into me?’ Zoe asked.
‘Yes I know what just nearly crashed into you, but I don’t know why you jumped back.’ Julian replied.
When Zoe didn’t reply Julian said, ‘it was a bird.’
‘I can see shapes!’

And with those words two tears ran down Julian’s cheek in race to get to his lips and be devoured by his mouth.

For Zoe the world had changed a little. The black had lightened a shade and shapes seemed to hide in the obscurity of the shade of grey. She spun around to see if the shapes would change, if the shapes were actual things around her. The shapes changed slightly but she could not make out objects.

‘I’m scared dad,’ she said and within an instant she felt his presences and the lighter shade was suddenly turned darker by his embrace.
‘This is a good sign monkey.’ As he said this she could feel wetness dripping onto her head.
‘This is a good sign.’

As they walked home from the creek Julian continued his monologue. He talked of how the creek was flowing and eels were slithering under the surface like the giant sea serpents they had read in a book together. He explained all the colours and personalities of the difference eels and as he talked Zoe wondered if he had started talking like this even when she wasn’t there.

When they got home Julian was straight on the phone to the doctor to book in an appointment and managed to get one straight away. He made her put her shoes back on and threw her jacket back on her.

‘How about a tram ride,’ he said with joy in his voice.
‘Do I have a choice,’ Zoe liked to tease him.
‘You always have a choice, you can say no and see what happens.’
‘No!’ Zoe knew what was coming next.
‘Ok then let’s go.’

Julian sat on the tram fully concentrating on his descriptions but had a tiny whisper of a smile to his mouth.

The wind has started to pick up, can you hear it? The tram is being pushed from side to side. The trees are being pushed and pulled around but are holding their ground. In the trees little birds are clinging on as hard as they can. A man with a long purple scarf flowing behind him is running to make the next stop to get on our tram. I don’t think he will make it. He does not look fit, he is slowing down and we are about to stop. He is going to have to put in one last effort if he is going to make it. And now we are at the stop and he is still a while off, Zoe push the button to try and keep the tram here for him, he has worked so hard to be on this tram.

Zoe pressed the button and kept pressing it, people were starting to look over at her wondering why her father was not controlling his child. The man with the purple scarf climbed aboard puffing not knowing that the little girl in the red dress next the man with a slight smile had held the tram up just long enough for him to get on board.

‘You helped him out in a very small way and he will never know,’ Julian said as the tram lurched into action again and people went back to looking into their little screens or staring off into the distance with headphones on.

Zoe just giggled and leaned her head on Julian’s shoulder waiting for the inevitable monologue to lurched into action again as the tram just did. The man with the purple scarf found a seat and started to slow his breathing down and eventually pulled out his little machine and drifted off into a stupor, his face bathed in a very light blue glow.

-May the dreamer-

The afternoon was wearing on and May had to get back to the city by 3.30pm to pick Zoe up. She wrapped the conversation up as politely as she could and before she knew it was back in the rectangular space rattling down the freeway with the city towering before her getting more menacing with every kilometre. As she pulled up to school she found a park and waited in her little space for Zoe to come find her. She imagined Zoe looking for her bag amongst a pile of backpacks all either red or blue, all identical except for a keyring or a name written on the front. She imagined her little girl slowly making her way through the hall acknowledging other kids and teachers, completely comfortable in her world.

When Zoe finally made it to the car she said something to May but no words came out of her mouth. May hugged her and felt a sense of completeness, the hug seemed to last a lifetime and May did not want to let go. After that Zoe sat in the back and pretended to be in a taxi, she loved to play that game. But her usual role play was spoiled by the fact that when she spoke no words found their way to May’s ears. May started the car and they rattled their way out of the car park. The awkwardness of Zoe’s muteness disturbed May but for some reason she could not explain she continued to drive as if all was normal.

May watched as the middle line streamed towards her, occasionally breaking into dots and then putting itself back together. The familiar routine trip was progressing as normal: May would concentrate on the road, occasionally look in the rear vision mirror to check that she still looked the same. A glance at her phone, a look behind to see if Zoe was ok, fingers on the dial for the air-conditioning and then suddenly…… nothing

May woke in a sweat with the image of the air-conditioning dial firmly imprinted in her mind and just the tiniest whisper of Zoe’s ghost hiding way back in the darker edges. And then suddenly her daughter thrust herself into May’s mind…….

‘Zoe,’ it was barely a whisper.

-The waking world-

For weeks Zoe was prodded and manipulated until she felt more like a doll than an actual person. Lights were shone in her eyes, questions asked and repeated and asked again until she started to wish that she wasn’t seeing shapes so that she could go back to the world she had created with her dad. The doctors seemed positive that things were getting better and that all would be normal with time. Zoe was not so sure.

After one of these prodding sessions, as the tram roughly carried them towards their little apartment building Julian’s monologue had turned into a discussion and the subject was of how everything was going to be normal again. Zoe preferred the stream of words that her dad would usually let flow, allowing Zoe float along and not feel a part of the wo


Homonyms and Homophones

March 31st, 2015

MVI 1426 from James Walker on Vimeo.

The Lady of Shalott -Megan

March 31st, 2015

To whom it may concern,

As I do not usually write in diary this shall be in the form of a letter. By the time you are reading this i will no longer be in your presence as the curse upon from what I think might have been birth deprived me of the beauty that you take for granted. The outside world. I have been living alone in a tower of isolated solitude. My plans of suicide are to finally look at of the window. Sir Lancelott arrived and I couldn’t help but feed my starving temptation.I gazed upon his golden brown hair realising what was to come in the desperate hope it wasn’t something to tragic.I switched back to reality and the colour drained from my clammy face like a hot knife through butter. My name exists but is not known to the knowledge of man and my name shall be carved into the rowing boat used as my loop hole into freedom. The Lady of Shalott. No one could have prevented my inevitable death so no one should feel guilty. This seems like a solemn ending to what should be a cheerful story but my repetua of depressing emotions will always remain.The Lady of Shalott died in the world she longed to live in.

Yours sincerely,

the passed on Lady of Shalott

Bullied – Kitty

March 31st, 2015

“Oi Miller! Where do you think you’re going” questioned Brook. ” Please Brook not today i’m just trying to get to class like everyone else” replied April. “No no it’s your weekly caving trip” Brook grinned. By caving trip it was April getting shoved into the clostrophobic locker. Brook gabbed her by the arm, swung open the locker door and cramed her in. She peered through the crack of the locker.